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Bosch fuel distributor block 2.3-16V

Can the users of 2.3-16V in the states provide me with the Bosch part number of the fuel distributor on their engines. Its a set of numbers on a name plate located behind the air filter.
should be something like 0 438 100 036

My car is a MT 185bhp non-cat 2.3-16 Euro/UK version and my fuel distributor part no was 0 438 100 010. Checked out the net and found the distributor to be the same K-Jet fuel distributor for Porche 911 Carrera 3.0L 1975-1977!

Mine was not functioning properly and could not find the same part no. item. swapped with another fuel distributor from a wrecked 2.3-16V auto having the numbers 0 438 100 026

tried earlier from another part 0 438 100 036 and it didn't work. idle was good but on acceleration, backfiring .

if anyone knows, can u please give the bosch fuel distributor nos for 2.3-16V US, 2.5-16V, evo??? for comparisons or are they all the same?
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