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Since you paid for it, it would be worthwhile publishing here a list of what the dealer said the car needed for the $10k. This may not represent a lot of expense for the DIY crowd if it includes $8k in labor and $2k of parts at MB markup. The dealer may replace all the bushings, ball joints, valve seals, etc, that contribute to a like-new feeling for any car THEY will sell, because they don't want a purchaser to feel like they purchased a 'used' car. Using this same standard, most any used car you buy can be made to feel like new, at a price.

The experience of driving an MB, whether 'like new' or with a developed personality, is why most of us are here. If you notice the inherent MB character of the vehicle, you understand it is something that you can't get with a Honda or Toyota. If you just want a comfortable car, either of the latter are fine, reliable, non-descript transportation.

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