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Ok, I replaced the shifter bushings on my 190...

and it was even harder than all of you said! I changed the one on the shifter end (the other one was fine) and MAN is that bugger tough to get in.

I actually BOILED it in water trying to soften it no avail. I used the bolt, nut and washer no avail.

Of course, by now you know what I did. Yep, grabbed the dremel cutting tool and slit it down the side. Even then, it wasn't easy. It is in there tight, even with the cut. So, if it does come out, I'll just put another one in there.

QUESTION: The lack of play in the shifter ~ and no squeeking ~ is great. However, when I place it in park, unless I pull it over and make sure to hook it behind the little nub lip, it wants to spring over to the right. It won't slip down into N or R because the brake pedal isn't depressed.

Suggestions or comments on that problem?
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