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I've been on this forum for a few years, and I have had my share of unanswered posts as well. Clique? Not hardly!

There is a lot to consider as far how symptoms are diagnosed. Complexity is one, familiarity is another.

For example, this forum has a bloated amount of W124-series MB owners. Some of the seemingly complex W124 problems have been experienced by a vast majority of the other W124 owners (like the fabled OVP issue).

To a newbie, getting a quick fix to a peculiar ailment like that would make it seem like the forum is comprised of miracle workers! But if the W124 was a limited-production model and the OVP problem was a singular one, not many others would respond to the post with any degree of confidence.

Forum member advice is free, accurate or not. Some DIY mistakes in an MB can be VERY costly, and delving into the engine compartment armed with a "shot from the hip" advice from someone a few continents away could prove detrimental!

I have watched a few threads go astray with members interjecting theories everywhere before a tech finally comes in and reins the situation with an educated response.

If you have a problem, it may go unanswered simply because although your problem may not be all that unique, others had the problem rectified by a technician with little knowledge as to what exactly transpired.

So we have a few ground rules to abide by when initiating a thread:

1. Use the search first! Cardinal rule!
2. State the problem as concisely as possible.
3. Indicate year, model, style, & engine configuration.
4. Post pics if trying to identify a problem part.
5. Be patient!!

And as it has happened many times, the poster actually solves the problem by him/herself! Then the poster puts the result in the thread for others who later might find themselves in the same situation.

That's why this forum ROCKS!!
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