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Re: CASH will be mailed to the person w/ the cure:

Originally posted by Duke1Law
This thread may not have an answer, but since we're always here complaining, pissed-off and griping, maybe someone can answer the following problem (which is on a lighter note):

I have put my heart and soul into my new C Class Sedan. I hooked it up by adding the AMG style package to it (wider M3-like tires) some rims and a few other gadgets here and there.

How do you stop people from "challenging" you on the highway, per se. I hope this doesn't sound arrogant, but I'm tired of riding on the interstate, enjoying my beautiful car, only to have some buster in his beat-up ride pull-up beside me, stare me and my ride down, only to speed off as if he accomplished something great by smoking me. And I'm not even racing, just cruising along the highway. It's like people feel like they made a great accomplishment and compensated for their crap car by smoking a Benzo. Despite you looking at them like they're crazy and not even increasing your speed at all.

Does this type of occurence happen to anyone else and if so, how do you uaually deal with it?
You can send the cash to:

5001 Benz Street
NY, NY 93593

Jus tkidding, fake address
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