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Old 10-20-2000, 08:11 AM
Richard Ney
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Few days ago I request information about passenger seat stop working alltogether and blower fan also stoped. A/C and heat is working but not blowing./ I have one response and so far I have $ 500 dollars repairing a computer chip next to the motor in the front panel and the seat will be who knows, another bundle of joy $$$$$$$? It is true that this car will be lots of trouble in temperamental repairs?/ I read information from some other responses referring to my 400 as a car done on the 92 93 years/ a trouble cars / Cars on those years are considered cars that were build in a rush and put it on the market? \ Obviously here are some of the results confirmed by my experience/ I own a 1993 400 SEL. I told my technitian that I was going to changed for a new Beetle, what you think?

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