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Hi Guys,
I'm having a little problem that comes and goes. This is on my 1986 300e (w124) My front end sometimes shakes around at high speed. It feels like the tires are out of alignment. I don't believe this is the problem because the condition is worsened when I brake. If I'm jamming down the freeway at 85 MPH or so and step on the brakes to slow, the front end vibrates. I can feel it in the steering wheel and I can feel it in the chassis.

I thought it might be a warped disk, but it sometimes happens without braking. Other times it doesn't happen at all. There is no noise associated with this condition. It never happens at low speeds and everything runs fine.

In the past, someone mentioned perhaps it could be the lower control arms. Perhaps bushings? The car only has 85k on the clock. It is 14 years old, but the mileage is low. Any ideas where I should start?

PS, the front end does not sway like I'm driving an old LTD. It handles fine other than the vibration

Kyle De Priest
1986 300e
1972 BMW R75/5 (Best there is)

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