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aux fan

I took the 88 560Sl to dinner tonight - got stuck in traffic - it was in the 90's today in Philadelphia - I noticed the temp was higher than normal -- when I parked, I looked, and the front electric fan was not working -- I can not remember -- does this fan have two speeds -- should it not start when the AC is turned on and then switch to high depending on water temp and or AC gas pressure?

I checked the fuse -- fuse box lists #14 as "Aux Fan" - when I removed this the main interior fan stopped - so the fuse is good

Is their another fuse? do they have them both on the same one!

Am I correct in the operation of the fan? It is funny, I had the AC converted a few years ago to 134 because the Compressor Manifold failed -- the dealer did the change -- it has worked very well -- this year it is a little week in traffic -- I think now that the fan has not been working for a while -- Anyone with some sugestions - I have never had any trouble with any electrical system in this car.

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