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Question Follow up on 190 E A/C Feron leak


I took my 190 E to a well respected repair shop whom deal the
A/C here in Carthage. They ran a test with a apparatus that could detect Freon (R-12) leaks. One of the very worst leaks occurred near the A/C compressor.

The mechanic is having problems locating a seal that goes under the manifold on the compressor.

In trying to assist him, I have located the following parts, via the internet.

"A/C Manifold Gasket" by AAA:OES

"A/C O-rings"

My question is, I have also seen on several sites a "A/C Manifold Seal Kit" but no one seems to have it in stock. I thought you might be familiar with this A/C Manifold Seal Kit, and wanted to know if you had any idea were we could get one. And what it is.

The car is a 1987 190 E 2.6.

Thanks is advance for your input and "Wisdom"



Sites that I have been to are:

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