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Someone please help, I think I fried my transmission....

The car:
1990 300e 134,000 miles
Was told when I bought it that the trans was rebuilt, saw paperwork for it.


When I put the car into reverse, I hear the transmission engaging, but when I give it gas it is as if someone is holding the brakes and gunning the motor.

I can shift into D perfectly fine and the car will move forward.

I started to get the 2-3 trans flair that I have read about on the boards, so I ordered a new filter and am waiting on it to arrive.

Just my luck, the day I order the filter, my transmission decides to stop using reverse.

Did I fry my tranny? Could it be a clogged filter? what are some things the car will do if the filter gets clogged?

This is horrible timing for me, I just got out of school, have 0$ because I went to school full time, just finaly got a summer job after looking for 3 weeks, and the week I start, my car decides to die...
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