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I got the cylinerhead back from the shop today

Thanks God there were no cracks. It was pressure tested at 40 psi and no leaks. However, it was a little worped in the middle. The machinest checked worpage infront of me with a 0.005 inch feeler gage and it went through the middle of the head. He measured it and checked specs for machining and said I have plenty left to remove. He was very concerned and helpful. I noticed the surafce has a mirror like finish as if it was lapped. The surface finish done by the first machine shop last week did not look as good. As a matter of fact, the milling head marks can be seen. I should've known better as I look at finished surfaces at work almost everyday (Plunger's surface finish) in Diesel fuel injectors. I just didn't know how smooth the surface should be in a cylinderhead!
My biggest worry is my engine block. I hope I did not cook it. I ran my finger across the drained oil mixed with water to have a feeling of the viscosity when compared to new oil. The oil was fresh after I put the head back before the overheat problem. I am tempeted to take a sample to work and have it analyzed in the chem lab to see how much water was there. I hope everthing will be fine.
I got a new torque wrench and checked the calibration myself at work. I had set it at 70 Nm and I recorded 70.25 Nm on the digital readout screen. Can't get better than that. I got a straight edge and checked flatness down to the microns. I tested the top of my block and couldn't fit 0.002 in feeler gage in all direction.
Do you guys think I could drive the car from SC to Chicago after everything is back? I will have it back thursday night and drive on Saturady.
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