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Doing a lot of reading tonight, I think it might be due to several factors, the first being low on fluid, then second being I am beginning to believe that my radiator is leaking ATF into the coolant (could low pressure in the ATF lines screw with the shifting? IE it can't build up the pressure in the lines because its leaking into the coolant?)

I have a new filter on the way for the tranny, so I was thinking, drain the tranny, drain the converter, slap the new filter in, while it is on the hoist (have to love friends that own shops) pressure test the ATF cooler on the radiator, if i find out its leaking, order new car until transmission gernades itself.

If I had the money right now I would fix every little problem that I could on the car. The problem is, I don't have any money to my name (spent it all on school) so I can't afford 1500-4000 for a tranny, the very thought of 300+ for a radiator is a bit much for me to take...(my aluminum radiator in my 67 camaro wasnt as much as this one is...)
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