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Unhappy squeaks in the car

One of the main reasons for the squeaks appears to be the rather hard materials used in the dash and the center console for my 1994 C180 Euro model. Also the front suspension is not as supple as the other Benzs as it uses the short type without the Macpherson struts, just like my very old Fiat 124. Have to be very wary going on rough roads as it shakes you up crazy! The chassis flexes too much also, therefore the plastic and metal structures inside rub against each other and creates the dreaded squeaks. The newer cars come with softer foam backed dash materials and centre console and should not be making any squeaks. The other squeak is my driver's seat belt which is making noises with every tiny move I make in my seat. The noise is coming from the centre pillar where the belt goes down to the locking mechanism. Can anyone help?
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