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It is very easy to become frustrated both with the car and yourself when you end up with seemly endless problems, one after another. And, when you try to get help, and you get no answer or the answers aren't what you need to help you, it is way too easy to lash out at those trying to help.

G-Benz got it very accurate when he stated that some MB models are more popular than others. The rarer your car, the less likely that you may get an answer that helps.

I do not believe that any member of this forum wants to see a fellow member stranded, and that if there happens to be someone browsing the forums that possibly has an answer, they will offer the suggestion.

As indicated by Larry Bible, Steve Brotherton, BlackMercedes, Arthur Dalton, Gilly, MB Doc, and on and on... not everyone is on the forum all the time... these gentlemen have real jobs and real lives to live before they browse this forum. They have a wealth of information that is available....when they are available....not when we want it.

When I need an issue addressed as soon as possible, I call an indy or the local dealership, and pay the rates. When the issue is not pressing, I post and wait and hope.

But to slam an entire group or individuals that are dedicated to helping one another to the best of their abilities and knowledge based on the provided information from a distance ? For free !?!

Totally uncalled for.

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A mercedes is an inanimate object and therefore must respond to logic and reason.
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