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Um, just so everyone is clear, the ONLY official MB wiring harness SAFETY RECALL refers to wiring running under the carpeting in the passenger footwell. The metal plate under the carpeting has a little foot piece that can chafe this wiring, which include the harness for the airbag system. The remedy is to reposition the wiring and to put some padding around this metal tab.

This is for 94-95 E320s.

The info is all there on

The real shame is that the possibility of an engine fire (3 of which have been reported to the site) due to severely defective 93-95 M104 engine harnesses is not reason enough for MBUSA to issue a similar safety recall. Why there is a difference between chafing and overheating defective insulation is not clear to me.

The problem also effects the M119 V8 of the same years, documented in this very forum.

MBUSA, a class act indeed.
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