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Unhappy Faulty SLS


I've got a '85 Euro 190 2.3-16 with SLS suspension (in the rear). I know that this can't be working like it should, because it's a very harsh ride when going over holes and dumps in the road. Also, the rear suspension doesn't seem to adjust according to the weight in the rear, because it sits quite low when I've got passengers in the back seats. Actually, I think it sits quite low all the time compared to the front end.

I've been underneath the car and checked for leaks but couldn't find any. Also, there seems to be enough fluid in the container in the engine compartment. I tried examining this container at the same time as two of my friends got in the back seats, but the level didn't change. Isn't the level supposed to decrease when the rear load increases? Does this mean the dampers or the accumulators are worn out? The engine was running while I performed this test...

Håkon Bertheussen
'85 190E 2.3-16 (Euro)
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