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Help on 16v fuel distributor

My car is a 1985 Euro 2.3-16V non-cat 185bhp MT . Original without catalytic converters.

Recently the fuel distributor was faulty and currently being changed.

Original unit was Bosch 0 438 101 010 model.

Could not find the same exact unit and has swapped with similar 16V type fuel distributors with diff. bosch part nos: 0 438 101 026 model number. In fact this is the second similar #026 I have tried to fix to the car.

Both have similar problems. Fires on first crank and idles great.
When the throttle was opened, the car is misfiring, stumbling and rough past 2000 rpms.
So only good idling is what i'm getting right now.

questions to the experts:

1) are fuel distributor swaps require any sort of adjustment besides the fuel enrinchment knob on top of the air flap unit.

2) are the 2 fuel distributors I have swapped were infact in good condition and suitable for the engine and I have missed some tuning work perhaps at the eha or something?

Please to be helped by you guys as I don't want any guess work and keep swapping this parts when in fact they were in perfect working condition and I was oblivious to what has to be done.


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