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It sounds like you have some kind of fuel contamination, which could originate either with "bad" fuel from a supplier or vandalism to your car. Sugar will dissolve in the small amount of water that is usually present in automotive fuel systems and then deposit out on surfaces. Even more will probably dissolve in fuel oxygenated with ethanol. Petroleum solvents won't dissolve it, and I'm not exactly sure how you remove the deposits other than by abrasive mechanical cleaning. On vintage carbureted cars is was certainly a nuissance and required a complete fuel system cleaning, but on a KE car with all the precision machined parts, it can be a very expensive propositon.

I suggest you talk to your insurance company and see if fuel system contamination, either intentional of inadvertent is covered under your comprehensive coverage. You might also want to investigate your fuel sources and their suppliers to determine if others have had similar problems.

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