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Speaking of morons!

Here in Canada, all cars after about 1995 have to have "daytime running lights" basically this means the headlights come on as soon as you start the car, however the rear lights and dash lights do not come on at the same time. While this appears a good idea, it astounds me how many people don't bother with the "proper" lights at night, and you have these morons driving around with no rear tail lights on, because they are too stupid or lazy to turn on their lights.

I have noticed too, that some Euro car tailight configurations don't work so well in US/FED form, for instance the 89-94 Jag XJ6 have very weak tail lights, but still have the non-functioning rear fogs in the the bumper. Some owners who have realized this have retro wired these to work here. Another one that confuses me in the Land Rover Discovery, with the high mounted turn signals but low bumber mounted rear tail lights

PS Go Vancouver 2010
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