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I found a "filter socket" at Pep Boys that fits the OE type Bosch filter for about five bucks and have never had a problem removing or installing the filter.

The first thing I do is loosen the filter one-quarter turn to make sure it will come off, then puncture the filter per Larry's suggestion. (I use a 3.5" construction nail and a small hammer - works great.) Then I remove the pan plug and let the oil drain for about five to ten minutes, jack up the right rear corner to get the last few ounces out, then let it down and install the plug. Final step prior to installing fresh oil is to change the filter, and it usually never spills a drop, but I wrap a couple of rags around the filter base just in case. I tighten it 3/4 turn from the point where the gasket contacts the pad.

One thing I appreciate about these cars is the easy, no hassle, no mess oil and coolant changes.

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