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My experience with 1991 over 3 years

Including depreciation the car cost $389 per month, not including gas or insurance. At that sort of mileage the transmission may need an overhaul ($1500) and the self-leveling mechanism may give out ($1000) and it may need a valve job (more likely than a head gasket - $800). What always amazes me is the rubber suspension components which are nearly always worn out. The previous owner is unlikely to have replaced them because they only wear slowly and the deterioration of ride is not noticeable. I have yet to buy one that needed less than $1000 worth of new rubber in suspension areas. I usually budget $2000 to fix a car and end up spending much more ($6000 on my most recent acquisition). I wish I could just buy my own cars since they are so well maintained - very few people take the effort to do it. I do not have time to do much repair, so these costs reflect dealer repair and maintenance prices. They are NOT cheap cars to run.
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