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Re: Replacing blower motor/ blower regulator

Originally posted by 94S500
I am the new owner of a 94 S500 sedan. Our blower and/or blower regulator went out also just like Arthur2k as mentioned above. I dug in as recommended on these posts, but had a couple questions.

As I was removing the red wire from the blower motor, the spade connector plastic cover slipped back on the wire and I accidentally dropped it against the blower housing. It was the fouth of July early, sparks galore. Does anyone have any commentary on whether I might have blown somthing. Is the only fuse for this blower located in the main fuse box or are there others also.

Secondly, should the squirl cage turn fairly freely? I am trying to decide if the bearings in the motor are really dragging or are the brushes just that tight. I really have to push the cage with my finger tips to move it at all.

Thanks in advance!
It should be ok (about the sparks)
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