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I just came back from replacing the idle arm bushing. I could not find the time before but, I am glad, I finally did.
I highly recommend the bushing replacement if you have a "loose" feel at the steering wheel. The steering feels "solid" now and probably will feel even better after an alignment. Keep in mind that I already replaced the whole front end, and the only reason I did not do it before was because of the low clearance from the exhaust.
Although, it was more complicated than Benzmac mentioned (maybe because I am just a DIY). After talking to a couple of more people, I ended up raising the passenger side of the engine after disconnecting the corresponding motor mount. That gave me enough room to take the bolt out and replace the bushings. The old ones fell off when I removed the bolt. The new ones had to be "persuaded" in.
If you are going to replace the motor mounts I recommend looking into replacing the idle arm bushing at the same time since you are already there. Plus, they are not expensive.
Sorry for the long post but, I am a happy camper tonight.

'86 300E

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