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Funny where filters are made these days.

Last week, when I was at Orchard getting stuff for a plumbing project, i took a curious wander in the lawnmower parts aisle. What I noticed was that the filters for Kohler tractor engines were MADE IN INDIA. They used to be made in the US, but the filter looked like it was soild. So i went to Kragen, and took a glance at the euro Fram filters. Most of them where made in Turkey, they looked fine, but the on the diesel filters, they looked quite cheap and felt heavy. The material in the rest was quite different than Fram's cheap material, it felt like harder and more stiff. I also noticed that the filters for newer cars were made in Korea, and they looked like OE, but the workmanship was crap, there was glue dripping on the pleats, the fabric end-seals looked like crap.
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