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Thanks, $600 is actually a good price. I was quoted between $700 and $800 at both the dealer and Craig Automotive. I never heard of Morris, so I didn't call them. I'll keep them in mind though. I actually (unfortunately) don't live in Rochester anymore. I'm in Arlington, VA, but Rochester is where my family and freinds are.

As for the time it took me to do the job (which I'm taking a lot of heat for ) - it definitley took me longer because it was my first time. Plus, I was working very methodically so I knew the job would get done right the first time AND not give me problems on my 400 mile trip back to VA. The job had to be done with absolute confidence, so I definitely did take my time.

What I really started this thread for was for those in the future doing the same job. I didn't think there was a lot of info on this page in relation to this job, so I just wanted to have this thread in the archives. I hope it helps someone in the future.

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