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All you need is a test light or a multi meter.

Ground the test light or multimeter, and test the wires near where you want to put your changer. if you dont find any, you can check else where but running wires will be necessary if you cant find constant power at the back.

Just be sure the power stays on when you turn on the ignition. you dont want to end up breaking the changer.

A test light is a good way to find the wire, I suggest going to your local auto parts store or electronics store. They should have a test light and it shouldn't be expensive. A Multi meter is more expensive, but can be used for various testing of various things from AC voltage to DC Voltage and more.

Hope that helps.

I would also check your ground. if the changer needs to be grounded, you should try finding a good ground to put it on. The changer might also have a reset switch on it, probably a button that is very small and round that needs a pin or paper clip stuck in it to reset it.

My pioneer radio I had in my jeep when I first installed it wouldn't power it on, took it to the test bench, and still no power. I thought I had a faulty radio. I then tried the reset switch, and it powered right up. in fact whenever I would disconnect the battery in the car, the radio would need to have that reset switch hit.

Check for that as well.


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