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'86 300E - Marginal A/C

The last couple of days in So. Cal. have been over 100 degrees and my A/C seems not quite up to the job. With the fan on low the air gets noticeably cold, but doesn't blow enough of it to cool down the cabin. If I turn it on high or auto, it starts off cold then gradually warms up to just mildy cool, it that, after about 3-5 minutes. In cooler weather it seemed to be adequate, but now I think I have to do something. One of the local independents with a good reputation is trying to convince me to convert to R134. He says it's a simple conversion and the system will run colder than with R12. I'm a bit suspicious about this as everything I've heard about converting to R134 says that the two systems are not generally compatible.

To inspect, evacuate, fill and leak check my system with R12 he wants $150 labor and about $55/lb for the freon. Does this seem reasonable? If not, can anyone recommend a shop in the area? I live in Monrovia, about 6 miles east of Pasadena, CA


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