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You won't have to read very many of my posts to determine that I am an oil change fanatic. I believe that the best way to "flush" an engine is with frequent and THOROUGH oil changes.

If you have an engine that has not had adequate oil changes or has had an open thermostat which has allowed the engine to run too cool, excessive sludge can be the result. If you will use a motor flush carefully, and follow the directions properly, this can help you to "catch up".

Whether you "catch up" with flush, or some good oil changes, put your engine on a strict oil and filter change program.

You should use quality oil of the right specification for your car. A gas engine should have SJ, and a diesel should have CG, I believe. If you don't use Mobil 1, a good choice would be a "universal" grade oil. This is what the truckers use in their diesels. Good brands are Chevron Delo, Shell Rotella and others. There is now also Mobil Delvac 1, which is a universal grade. These oils have extra doses of detergents and cleaners. They meet specification for gas engines.

When changing oil, it is IMPORTANT to drain it while the engine is at operating temperature. It usually takes about 17 miles of driving for an engine to reach operating temperature. When an engine is warming up, the oil temperature lags the coolant temperature quite a bit. So you need this 17 miles or so to completely warm the oil. Operating temperature oil drain accomplishes two important things, the oil is thin and comes out better and more completely AND the contaminants (sludge) are churned up (suspended) in the oil.

In your current situation, one more step that would help would be to drain the oil on Friday night or some other night when you can let it drain overnight. The last drops that come out during a drain are PURE SLUDGE.

Sorry for the oil lecture, but I truly believe that this is the best way to clean your engine. Draining the oil is the ONLY method you have to clean the engine internally.

Also, since I didn't mention it, don't even think of changing your oil without simultaneously changing the filter. Detroit reccomended filter change every other oil drain for many years. You are leaving a quart of dirty oil in your engine when you do this. Detroit would much rather sell you another car than another oil filter.

Best of luck,
Change oil hot and change oil often,

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