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You accomplish your aim by not rising to the challenge....I know ! For a male, that is difficult, but doable....My own experiences involved a B1 Kawasaki Turbo I used to ride and Cabriolet 911's day one of these 911 pilots tried me out on a particular road in the UK ...the result was, he totalled the car at around 150 mph trying to catch me up.....So, I have never repeated this on the hiway with anyone, life is not that cheap !
After 20 years since that sobering incident I will not rise to any challange of this sort...take it to the drag strip if you wanna prove a point, you do not know how good a driver they are or, who you else may be on that road....your daughter ? Your wife? I'll let your imagination do the rest...It's like bumper stickers...You don't put 'em on a Mercedes !
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