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Well, I fueled up again this morning and when I reset the tripmeter this time, all of the wheels stopped between either 9 & 0 or 0 & 1. Additionally, the tenths wheel started clicking again between 9 and 0. I decided to take the speedo out tonight and I've hit a stumbling block. It appears that the best way to gain access to the tripmeter wheels is by removing the dial face, which is only held on by two screws. The problem is that I can't seem to get the speedo needle off its skinny little shaft. I've pulled as hard as I dare, as both the shaft and the needle appear very fragile. Is there a technique or trick to removing the needle? Is it best worked on from the front? Anyone know of any threads in this (or any other forum) dealing with speedo disassembly and repair (preferably with pictures)?

Also, will I encounter or cause any problems by driving the car with the instrument cluster removed?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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