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do you mean just the fabric covering of the sunroof? It was a two second no brainer on my 190. I was able to get mine off of my 201 with the sunroof closed (it was stuck closed) although if I could have opened the sunroof the process would have been easier. Basically I took a big flathead screwdriver (about a foot long and nearly an inch wide) and stuck it inbetween the fabric and metal in the front and used the screwdriver as a lever to carefully pop the headliner retaining clips off of the sunroof (there were three of these clips towards the front of the sunroof in my cah). At this point I carefully pulled the sunroof liner down and away from the sunroof which involved a solid tug and a bit of a bend in the liner -which can be bent back easily to its original shape. Again, if you can crack the sunroof this should be easier to do. The liner, in my case, was wedged between the roof liner and sunroofcable sheeth, so space is limited there. There is a lot of grease on these things, unless you want to do a lot of cleaning afterwards, make sure you have clean hands. does this help? what's wrong with the sunroof?

1985 190e 2.3
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