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Originally posted by 300E24V
Maybe this will clear things up a bit.The stick will shift into the 2 position but the transmission won't select 1st gear like it should.
The stick is firm and not sloppy in any of the gears,so physically the stick selects 2.
400E normally if 2 is selected by using the stick P R N D 3 2 ,the transmission will select 1st.
Here's what my owner's manual says:

"2: Upshift to 2nd gear only. For driving in mountainous regions. Since transmission will not shift up further, this gear selection will make use of the engine's braking power."

Remember that this is from a 1993 manual. In 1991, MB tranmissions routinely start out (from a stop) in 2nd gear, but can be persuaded to pull out in 1st if you floor the accelerator.

On the other hand, if you are currently in 3rd gear, say, and downshift to the "2" position, the tranny will downshift to 2nd gear.

Unless I'm missing something, I don't think the shifter lever allows you to select 1st gear only on a 300E (it DOES on the 400E/500E).
'93 400E
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