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Thanks, Steve!

I just left the shop after mulling this over all night.

What really upsets me is the fact that yesterday the mechanic(owner) tells me that the valve was like that before the chain was done. What that says is that I am STUPID. I am just a stupid customer that will believe whatever I am told.

My problem right now is that the Head is off, the other Head is in process of being torn down, and I am facing a big price tag.

The money and the valve job are not the issue. As Steve points out it is not now a technical issue. The shop has lost all technical credability.
I can't be sure that the work he must now do to rectify the problem will be done honestly and reputable and when the job is done and the bill is paid, in what condition will the car be.

Should I tow it out of there? Should a novice like me watch every step of the repair? What would I see? What do I know? The majority of us out here know enough to be dangerous. This is a real problem. How do you know when the bolts are all in and the car sits running in front of the shop that did the work, that when you drive away with an empty wallet you are behind the wheel of a time bomb waiting to go off?

I don't know! What a dilemma!

Many thanks to all on this Board that contributed to my help in the above and thanks to all who try in their own way to help another. That is what these Boards are for and it speak volumes as to the members of this Mercedes Shop fratenity.

Thanks to all as I am off to the bank to get the blood money to pay in a week or so. What sort of accomodation will be made? It remains to be seen. I'll keep you POSTED!
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