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Me too

I want to do the exact same thing on my '91 190e 2.6, so I'm very interested in people's advice on this. I'm still waiting on my shop CD from MB (its taking forever), so I'm not exactly positive where everything is.

The Tee that comes in the Prestone kit is supposed to be installed in the heater inlet hose. I believe thats the hose that comes out of the firewall on the drivers side (right behind the air cleaner) and makes a right turn into the engine block. Is that correct?? I could be wrong.

What I'm not clear on is where the evacuation elbow tube goes as there is no cap on the radiator itself. The directions suggest instead to use the inlet on the radiator where the upper heater hose connects, but that sounds like it could get messy. Could the evac tube be inserted into the resevoir tank instead??

Meza, if you figure it out please let me know how you did it.

Thanks, D Stang
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