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Cheap Performance mod for 190 2,0 with carburettor

Ok, the plastic air hose that go from the grille to the air filter housing is of a pretty small diameter, maybe 2-1,5 inches, now if I replaced that with a hose of the type that is used to transport pre-heated air from the exhaust manifold, I'd get more air and better performance because of larger diameter and more air, right?

Or would it just mess up the air\fuel mixture?

Have Mercedes made the standard hose small to reduce induction noice at full throttle?

Oh, and another thing. When changing the brake pads today, I noticed that one was more worn than the other, the difference was maybe two millimetres. Is this something to be worried about?

And another thing, where can I buy that hood star emblem replacement thingy for a reasonable price?

Thanks to all that help, and God Bless you.
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