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E320 wagon avg. MPG and sulfur smell

I have a 95 E320 wagon which I purchased almost 2 years ago. The car has been great. Over the past few months I have noticed an intermittent sulfur smell coming from the car when I park (maybe I can't smell it while driving). It only happens occasionally and I can't say if it happens when I drive hard. I have done a search in the archives and noticed a lot of people saying it could be the cat. I just did a smog check here in California and it passed so hopefully it's not the cat (the mechanic told me if it's the cat, it could run a few thousand dollars!!!). Also in doing my search, I found that it is common for the W124 to get around the mid-20's for MPG. I have always averaged the low 20's so I am concerned about something maybe not running right and it could be related to the sulfur smell?

So my questions:
1. For those owners of similar E320 wagons, what is the average MPG you get?
2. Should I try some other less expensive repairs before diving in to change the catalytic converter?
3. Will it harm the engine if I just ignore the smell and live with it? Especially since I passed the smog check, I would think emissions are acceptable.

Any comments, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

1995 E320 Wagon
1996 Volvo 850GLT
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