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Randy L
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Cool MB's ARE Great Cars!!!

Thousands of people frequent this site trying to get an opinion about Mercedes cars and all the troubles they read about can give a prospective buyer a skewed impression about them. This would be true in any tech forum site where the main topic is fixing problems.
I just wanted to send a word of comfort to prospective buyers that Mercedes Benz cars (even the entry level 1996 C220 I just bought) are absolutley incredible and you can defintely see the attention to deatil and painstaking efforts to build each one perfectly.
My dream car has been a 5-series BMW (535i) for years (I've owned 3 of them while in Germany), and I chanced upon this repo that was immaculately cared for, and priced too low to pass up. Heck, I wasn't even looking for a car but this C220 kept pulling my eyes to it since it looked so darn nice. Now that I have driven it a while, I can truly say that this IS a car that takes the word "refinement" to a new level. I am SERIOUSLY considering Mercedes as my future cars of choice now.
So prospective owners, don't get scared away by all the problems you may read about. Remember, for each poster with a problem, I'm sure there are hundreds that don't have a problem!!
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