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Originally posted by sbourg
Crud from the low tank plugged the fuel filter or tank pickup screen?
I can't recall where the pickup is on this tank, but yeah, that is entirely plausible. I certainly ought to hope for a plugged filter; if the filter sacrificed itself to protect the fuel distributor, that's *much* cheaper.

Check for actual pump flow at the engine. I wouldn't expect much pouring fuel down the air intake if the injectors have no flow.
Going to try again this weekend with starting fluid.

As for verifying pump flow, I figure I could disconnect the feed line into the distributor, route it to a bottle, and jump the relay.

If you confirm a spray at the injectors and spark, then you might be missing compression, eg if the chain is loose and jumped a tooth.

This engine is (by the receipts) only about 30K since a full rebuild, including a double-row chain, and I wouldn't figure it to be loose already.

But the rebuild seems to have been a half-assed job -- compression is weaker than I would expect, 160-170 range, and visual assay of the timing chain guide rail shows it to be bottle-brown (geez, could they have re-used the rail?).

I'm not hearing any mechanical-catastrophe noises when turning it over, so I'll assume for now that even if it's off a tooth, trying to start with starter fluid is okay.

Thanks for the feedback; I'll follow up shortly.

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