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Here is the latest update. I took the car to two well respected mechanics and they are both coming to the same conclusion. The both agreed that it was not the rods and it is definately fuel related. The timing was check, electronically, not by the drip method and it is ok. I left the car overnight at both places and they both noticed that on the first start in the morning the car is noticeably more quiet until you first step on the gas, then the noise begins. Aside from the first start up it does not get quieter or louder as the car warms up. I was told that it is fuel related, but it is in an acceptable range of "clatter" and that the car that I am comparing this to was probably just exceptionally quiet. The both assured me that this problem is not a sign of a bigger problem to come and that there are different degrees of clatter. I trust these guys and I never complained about the clatter before, but after hearing that other diesel, I began to wonder.
Benzmac to the resue????
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