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my biggest problem with MB cars, is that MBUSA continues to stick their heads in the sand and ignore design issues. Examples:

my 92 400e had the disinigrating engine harness... cost for the harness alone was $400. If I was not able to install it myself it could have been easily over $600.

my 95 e320 same problem.

my 98 e430 there is a known issue with the harmonic balancers going out and causing damage to other parts. I have seen repairs @ over $2500. mine hasn't failed yet, and they won't even consider it since it is out warranty, unless I want to pay for the part and the labor. so I will purchase the part and replace it myself. ($160)

My philosophy on this is that I don't buy MB products to get hung out to dry. I consider buying products that have been defective by way of manufacture or design, and not being replaced for free, is hung out to dry. It is a fact, the harness were not designed properly, and we as consumers were forced to pay for the replacements, same for the Harmonic balancers. Granted I have not bought one new, and I told the service manager as well as the sales manager at the local dealership that when I do replace my e430 it probably won't be a MB product. I told them that MB has struck out with me 3 times and there won't be a 4th. each benz purchase has been an upgrade to a newer more expensive model and the next step would have been to purchase a new one. MBUSA if you are listening you are cutting your own sales by your own stupidity.
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