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Thanks Suginami, I did end up finding some stuff under seat 'click' and seat frame. I printed several pages out from this forum and took them to the Mercedes dealership. Ha ha ha.

To make a long story short, I will never go back to the dealership for ANYTHING again. They had no clue and seemed to take the Clinton attitude of deny deny deny. They had 'kind of' heard of this problem before--yeah right.

So anyway, I showed the guy at the parts counter JimSmith's thread where it says you can call the 800 number and ask for "Special Parts Support" and ask for the 'special front seat bolts.' After almost an !!!HOUR!!! of him waiting on hold, he came back and said that there was no known bulletin, nor was there any documentation of any 'special bolts' for the front seats.

If you can give me the number to your shop, Jim, I'd really appreciate it. I can't seem to get anywhere with the 800 number and I'd really like to get this fixed before it requires a $1000 seat frame.

I'm quickly getting a bitter taste in my mouth about Mercedes Service. Why is there a 20-40 min. wait time on the 800 number? God forbid if I had paid $55,000 for this car I would have opened fire on the dealership this morning!
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