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List of advantages and disadvantages of diesel cars.

Dear friends:

Please keep adding your comments to my short list of advantages and disadvantages. Thanks.


1) Diesel cars can still run (no light) even when the battery is completely discharged and the alternator and/or voltage regulator) is gone. This applies only for old diesels that do not rely too much on electronics for control.

2) Diesel cars consume very little fuel when idling.

3) Diesel fuel is cheaper than gasoline (except in California)

4) Diesel engines have strong torques and so are used in big freightliners and ships.

5) Diesel cars' low HP and high torque engines seem to be better at prolonging the lifetime of automatic transmissions.


1) Diesel cars can undergo the symtom of run-away engines if IP and related accessories do not work properly. (read LarryBible's recent experience of his daughter's 300D).

2) Diesel cars smell terrible when smoking and/or leaking diesel.

3) Diesel cars are usually a lot noiser than gasoline ones (except newer diesels)
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