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Question How to remove and replace shift knob W124 E420

How do you remove the shifter assembly?

I got to removing the center storage box, the shifter surround wood and the top plastic cover of the shifter assembly (that has like locking tabs around it)

Once that's taken off,

I can see the PRND3S plate below a clear plastic sheet, which are sort of loose in the assembly. Below the plate lies a white piece of plastic.

The whole thing is in another plastic assembly (a lil black plastic rectangular shaped piece) that goes around the shifter shaft.

I can see the lock nut but I can't fit my 15mm wrench in it.

I figure that I have to take the assembly out. How do I do this?

or do I not need to remove it and just use some sort of open-ended wrench? crow's foot? (what is it?)

I'm kinda bummed that I can't install it But I put it on my 300CD and boy it looked sweet! Too bad the burlwood doesn't match the 300CD's zebrano!

2008 BMW 335i Coupe
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