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Just expanding on a few things already said:

Diesels will run forever and ever and....

Can be made to run on vegetable oil when all the dinosaur juice finally dries up.

Diesels don't always have more torque than an equivalent sized gas engine. The Diesel design (long stroke), however, allows for full torque at much lower rpm's and over the full rpm range. Gas engines reach peak at the top of rpm range (with more resulting wear in a heavy load situation).

Easier to avoid speeding tickets!

.........and ever and ever until rest of car falls apart.

Won't win any drag races (unless you happen to have one of the European CDI models) or you go up against UPS trucks.

Higher loads (with higher torque) are HARD on automatic trannys hence the only recent introduction of automatics in medium and heavy-duty trucks (wish my Kenworth had one!).

How many of you Diesel drivers suffer from "black tail-light syndrome" ?

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