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I initially responded because of the post about people getting the wrong idea about Mercedes needing all these repairs. I've read enough posts to know that's not true! Unfortunately I clicked on the wrong button when I was attempting to REPLY to that particular post which I didn't initiate.
I find it ironic that Steveblf, one of the most respected techs on this site drives a BMW 5 series. I remember a post where he bragged about how great his BMW 5 series was. Steve, I was referring to the 2000 750iL- not the early ones. As far as diagnosis and repair, I have hit the jackpot and no longer care about fixing my own car or how much it will cost, thank goodness. Working on this W126 cured me forever about working on my own car. I am not a fan of ANY German car company. Unfortunately American car companies have thrown in the towel. As far as choosing to drive a boat, I have been rear ended so many times while stopped at a traffic light with serious injury the final outcome, I no longer consider any car that is not big and heavy a prudent choice personally. So I try to choose big heavy cars that are also fun to drive and am willing to settle for 10% less overall performance in favor of creature comforts and luxury. And last but not least, if MB weren't crap, there would not have been the need for that individual to express concern about how many people perceive MB as needing so much repairs.
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