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Lightbulb Changed Buzzer to Chime


Today, I successfully replaced the warning module on my vehicle because the old one went bad. The easiest way to do it (for my vehicle anyway) is to remove the board/circuitry from the housing and swapping with the new one. You'll need to remove one screw behind the instrument cluster. This will allow the housing to move just enough to allow for the removal of the circuitry.

After looking at the old one for a bit, I was able to determine that the problem was due to a partially ruined PCB... that is, some of the metalic on the actual board went bad. By soldering in a jumper wire, I was able to fix it.

Now that I had one extra unit to play with, I went up to Radio Shack to looked for a 12 volt chime. The only thing they had there was something that sounded like a doorbell... but I bought it anyway to play with.

First, I removed the old buzzer by unsoldering. The Radio Shack "doorbell" had 3 wires; Two (black and blue) were negative and red was positive. Not knowing which one of the solder points on the board were + or minus, I guessed. I soldered the blue and black to one side and the red to the other. I then put it in the car and tested. No sound. I then unsoldered and swapped sides. Ran back out to reconnect. Eureka!! Worked like a charm.

I then went to my local electronics store and ordered a Mallory Sonalert Chime (SC616CP) for $24. I should have it by Monday. Although this (nor the Radio Shack doorbell buzzer) will fit in the warning module housing, I'll retrofit by running the wires between the housing and connector (I'll sand down a little slot) and using velcro or double stick tape to mount the new chime.

I'll try to do pictures once I get the new chime.
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