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Need help with my Bimmer

I have a 94 530i (V8) BMW.
Today it started just fine and drove as usual . I drove the car a short 3 miles and stopped for breakfast. Just as I pulled into the parking space the car began to sputter. I paid it no mind , went in and ate. 30 min. later, I restarted the car and sure enough the sputter was for real. Only it wasn't so much a sputter, but a complete loss of power undere acceleration. with pressing the accelerator, the car idles perfectly. But as you begin to give it gas, it chokes, like a lawn more when there's something wrong with the choke. Any ideas. Intermittently it would stop the non sense and drive perfectly, but then it would choke some more. I disconnected the fuel line at the fuel rail and turn the key to the on position. No gas spewed forth. could I be looking at a blow fuel pump?? or clogged filter?? Need help, 500E has busted Tranny, 400E is still torn down as I do the AC work and now this....

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