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Question Repair strategy for a 560 sel from -89

Hi there,

Participants of this thread seems to know a thing or two about 560's, so I decided to ask advise on the following.

Just had my father in law help me buy a prestine 560 sel from -89 in California with only 62000 miles.

My father in law is driving it to Seattle in 3 weeks. I had the car inspected to the n'th degree before buying it and the following issues showed up:

1) Oil pan gasket and pan,
2) Oil level sensor,
3) Valve seal ( burns oil )
4) Fuel actuator ( leaking )

My question is what repairs/fixes would you guys do before the 1200 mile trip to Seattle, if any?

My though was that some new seals would benefit from an extensive trip where the engine gets hot for a long time and the new seals could really settle.

On the other hand I was thing not to do anything but then I was concerned that my father in law may have problems during the trip?

Thanks for the help and advise.

Jari Kristensen
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