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Here is the brake down of what had been done:
O2 sncr._______$164
Fuel filter____$60
Whire set______$163
Belt Tentioner_$248
Plus some other litle crup I can't make out
Came to $994
Labor was $65 for Belt tentioner
$65 for diagnostics (chek engine )
$293 for doing everything else
The ineresting thing though is that the "chk. engine" light came on again this morning! I read the code off, its the same old thing (Air injection at foult) that I took it to the shop for. I think something is wrong with the vacum. I told them that I already paid 14 hundred bucks to repair it so since it isn't working stil, they should do it for free. Tomorow I'll see what happens.
It so damn hard to find a decent, honest mechanick I just might join every one in the spring for the grand opening in Atlanta.

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