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This is pretty common in the Porsche ranks. The 911 guys are pretty snobby when it comes to their model, and don't consider any other model a "real" Porsche. The one thing I always thought funny was when some fellow in his lightly modified 914 2.0 would lap some fop in his late model 911.

I think the same is true of the BMW vs. Mercedes debate. Though they compete in the market, the cars have different characters that appeal to different, well, characters. The BMW tends to be biased towards the sports end, and service requirements tend to sports-car-ish. The Mercedes hits a middle ground. Now, that said, I have yet to meet more than a few BMW drivers that have the capability of exploring, let alone enjoying, the high limits of their sports-sedan. They are mostly bench-racing windbags.

And bragging about your bank account is not the way to win friends. I know plenty of folks with plenty of money, and not one of them is "not concerned" with what things cost. They own expensive things, but didn't get to be well-off by being stupid. They still want value for their dollar, and don't respect people that don't.

Thankfully for us mere mortal, that foppish crowd is moving on from German sedans to Rig-pigish SUV's. I have noticed quite a few late model 540i's, E430's and the like for REALLY low prices. Hhhmmm...
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